Gen 4-8 IV calculator

You need Java 8 to run this program. The latest version of Java got rid of features used by this program and will therefore probably never be supported. I intend to make a web application of this instead at some point using Electron. If you want to help out with it, let me know on Github or Discord.

Download IV Calculator - Moon V2.0.0a

Download Pikipek IV Calculator - Moon V2.0.0a

Download Haulucha IV Calculator - Ultra Moon V2.0.1a

Download Primarina IV Calculator - Ultra Sun V2.0.1a

Download Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire IV Calculators (Mudkip AS, Mudkip OR, Latias, Latios, Kyogre, Groudon) V2.0.1

Download X/Y IV Calculators (Quacklin', Hawlucha) V2.0.0a

Download Sobble IV Calculator - Sword V2.0.3a

Download Ninetales IV Calculator - Sword V2.0.1a

Download Magikarp/Gyarados IV Calculator - HGSS V2.0.0a

Download Chimchar/Palkia IV Calculator - BDSP V2.0.0a

Github page and README